The Thread Lift is a revolutionary treatment that promises exciting advances for those whose sagging skin and wrinkles are not being adequately treated by fillers and botox alone.

Silhouette soft are re-absorbable threads with cones alone the length which when placed in position under the skin reposition tissue so increasing volume, tightening and at the same time stimulating collagen growth. They are totally re-absorbable and this takes place over 18-24 months.

The threads have two modes of action. They lift and re-volumise areas of volume loss and reposition tissue achieving an instant improvement. This is then enhanced over the coming weeks and months as collagen growth is stimulated by the action of inserting the threads and then the immune reaction that they create as they sit in the tissue. The whole procedure will take approximately 30 minutes.

Approved only for use by doctors who have been specially trained, the sutures are placed carefully under the skin using a needle. Before the procedure the skin is anaesthetised to minimise any pain. Once in position the doctor will move the underlying tissue along the threads and the tiny cones along its length and this anchors the tissue into a new position. The threads are cut so that they sit below the skin.

You will need a consultation with the doctor first to assess suitability and the best method of achieving the result you are looking for. Areas that can be treated / improved include: cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jaw line (jowls), neck and eyebrows (brow lift).

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